Simple, personal touches for a No Fuss funeral

White Rose Blog Article

Thankfully, most of us do not have to organise many funerals during our lifetime. But when we do, it is often planned quickly with decisions made on the spot when sitting at a local funeral directors. Typically, these decisions will be in line with the traditional format of a funeral.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

We’d like to share the story of Jane. Jane was the only child of her 90 year old mother who had died suddenly. Due to her age, many family members and friends had passed away. Jane wanted a dignified farewell for her mum, but did not want a full funeral as there would only be her and her husband present – along with her mum’s beloved dog Rufus. But neither did Jane want a direct cremation, meaning no ceremony.

So we helped Jane to plan a personalised goodbye.

A 9am service at Putney Vale Crematorium was booked – the earlier times are cheaper. A beautiful, handmade wicker coffin was chosen, as desired by her mum. This was pre-placed in the chapel ready for Jane and her husband’s arrival. Jane arrived with a selection of fresh spring flowers she knew her mum loved and for the first 5 minutes lovingly decorated her mum’s coffin. She had also taken along a favourite memento of her mum’s.

The setting was simple but personalised.

They then, along with the beloved dog, had their own private time for 20 minutes in the chapel; with a cup of tea and listening to music they had chosen. This simplicity enabled a private, intimate, beautiful goodbye.

And significantly cheaper than a full service funeral.

A modern funeral is about offering a family the choices to personalise saying goodbye to their loved one – and to see there is no right way or wrong way. It is simply ‘your way’.

White Rose Modern Funerals can help arrange an Low Cost Pre-10am Cremation in SW London or Surrey. At your time of need, we can visit you at home or by appointment at our office. We’d love to help – call Nick or Jacqui on 020 3281 1045 to talk through the options available to you when planning a funeral.