White Rose accredited by the Good Funeral Guide

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During August 2019, a director of the Good Funeral Guide (GFG) – which is wholly independent of the funeral industry – spent a day with us to see how we run our business as modern funeral directors. Their strict criteria focus on the quality of the experience a funeral company offers to bereaved people. We were delighted to be awarded accreditation. So what is it that we do differently?

Our approach is about choice, flexibility and personalisation. And how to minimise unnecessary costs. We feel how a funeral is planned should be led by the family – not dictated by conventional funeral etiquette. We give you our full support and guidance, to help you reflect the person who has died as you know them to be.

We meet you in the comfort of your own home or at either of our light, airy meeting rooms in Teddington or Chiswick. To have this first conversation in a non-intimidating environment we know has helped families feel more at ease. Over a cup of tea we find out about your loved one, who they were and the life they lived. Having a relaxed open conversation, at a family’s own pace, helps to piece together the best way to say farewell.

You have more choices than you will be aware of – for example you are not limited to using a crematorium chapel for a cremation funeral, there are other options. A beautiful farewell can be small and intimate without formality. A greener funeral at a natural burial ground where the body is returned back to nature can be a tranquil way to say goodbye.

In its review of White Rose Modern Funerals the Good Funeral Guide says:
“This is how a modern funeral director in the 21st century looks. They’ve kept their overheads low, their terminology simple, their approach centred around the needs of someone who has just been bereaved, and their prices transparent and fair.”

Charles Cowling, founder of the Good Funeral Guide says: “Choosing a funeral director can be very difficult because they all look much the same. But they’re not. Some, a precious few, are truly outstanding, and White Rose Modern Funerals is one of them.

“The team at White Rose Modern Funerals are unsung heroes doing a magnificent job, and the people of Richmond upon Thames deserve to know this. Bereaved people need to do their very best for their loved one. They deserve the very best funeral director.”

Receiving the Good Funeral Guide accreditation motivates us to continue to find new ways to empower families to have more control at the most overwhelming time of their lives. At your time of need, or if you are facing the loss of a loved one – please do call us, Nick and Jacqui – we’re here to help you.

Find the full Good Funeral Guide review here.

The Good Funeral Guide assesses select funeral homes according to strict criteria which focus on the quality of the experience they offer to bereaved people. White Rose Modern Funerals has been inspected to ensure that clients are treated with courtesy, listened to with empathy, offered a full range of choice, charged fairly and empowered to play whatever part they want in creating a send-off for the person they have lost which accords with their values and wishes. The accreditation process also involved spending time behind the scenes in order to ascertain that those who have died are cared for with the utmost tenderness and respect.