Arranging a funeral during the Coronavirus pandemic

White Rose Blog Article

Making funeral arrangements during the Coronavirus epidemic in the UK during Spring 2020 presents specific challenges due to the restrictions on gatherings and avoidance of social contact, both of which are intrinsic aspects of most funerals.

We are keeping our latest Coronavirus & Funerals page regularly updated  as each crematorium and cemetery acts independently with the rules they implement.

At White Rose Modern Funerals we do our utmost to provide a meaningful, sensitively handled funeral service for all our families despite the challenges these restrictions present.

One option is to have an unattended direct cremation with a view to having a memorial or celebration of life at a later date.  A No Fuss Family-led funeral is for families who wish to arrange and lead their  own service keeping things as simple as can be.   A  Personalised Full Service Funerals is either minister or celebrant led and where we help to design a service that reflects the life of your family member in the best way.

Numbers may be limited, but a funeral is not defined by the number of people attending, rather it is how meaningful the service can be. For family and friends who cannot attend, there is the option of live web-casting so they can watch the service as it is happening online and we are able to create a video of the funeral service too.

For all the advice and guidance you might need, speak to Nick or Jacqui on 020 3281 1045. As experienced funeral directors, we will work with you to achieve the best funeral possible.

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