Celebrant, Hannah Jackson-McCamley

Hannah Jackson-McCamley

Funeral Celebrant

Hello, I’m Hannah and I am a celebrant who creates unique, inclusive and compassionate funeral services. Having worked closely with many families, I understand the importance of a positive funeral and how it can be vital to the healing of all affected.

I work with you as a team, involving the family and friends of the person that has died so that together we can build a personal ceremony that truly and authentically commemorates their life in an individual way.

A meaningful service may be centered on the words spoken, but it can also be adding the creative and personal touches that reflect how a life was lived – thoughtful ideas I can help with.

Every bereavement is different and there is no right or wrong way to grieve, so I work flexibly to ensure that my clients are comfortable and confident about the service we will create together.

A little more about me:

Personal understanding led me to become a celebrant but my background and interests are wide and varied. Following my degree in Politics and History at the LSE, I have worked in advertising and fashion and have experience working with homeless charities, Crisis and St Mungo’s as well as being an active community supporter of Hounslow Community Foodbox.

I am also training to be a psychotherapist, specialising in bereavement support. My background has introduced me to a wide array of people with very different stories and I welcome and encourage diversity in the rituals I create.

Though I don’t conduct religious ceremonies, I am happy to include any spiritual or religious aspects in the service that reflect the beliefs of the person that has died or that may provide comfort to those left behind.

My interest in people, my understanding of grief and my love of music, literature and poetry inspires my writing and helps me craft beautiful, empathetic ceremonies of all kinds. But at the heart of all the work is the person that we are honouring.

If you would like a chat just let the team at White Rose know and they will connect us.