Celebrant, Lucy Symons

Lucy Symons

Funeral Celebrant

I’m Lucy Symons and I work with families to help create a meaningful service at a time I recognise as being truly overwhelming. Families typically choose my assistance when they are not looking for a defined religious service but would prefer something personal and reflective. I help to create a service with you that is as simple or as involved as a family feels is appropriate.

Together we will create a tribute that best represents your family member’s life based on memories, milestones, turning points, music and anecdotes – the moments that helped to shape their life and character.

You may already have ideas as to what you would like to be said, but I know that it can be hard to know where to start or have the perspective to put things together in the best possible way. I can help you find a way to create something focussed and memorable.

I will work alongside you and provide suggestions for music, poetry and readings, to pull together all the elements that are needed to create a lasting and positive memory. We can incorporate poetry, prose, music and images as you feel is appropriate.

Family members, friends or colleagues may wish to speak themselves, or if this feels too much, then I can speak for them. With a professional writing, presenting and arts background, I help to craft a service with you and create the right tone.

If you would like a chat just let the team at White Rose know and they will connect us.