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To be faced with planning a funeral – whether a death is expected or not – can feel overwhelming. Where do you start?

We are independent funeral directors helping families across London and Surrey. It is our modern approach to funerals that families find refreshing.

Whether it’s a quiet, no-fuss farewell or for a sense of ceremony and occasion, we help you to make informed choices to reflect a life lived – or the wishes that may have been left.

You may already have ideas that you want help with. Or, feel too numb to think. The first step is to contact us – we’re here to help.

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A calm voice when you need it

We are here to listen. As an independent funeral director, you will always know who you are talking with, either: Nick, Jacqui, Ann or Holly (currently on maternity leave).

You will have continuity from the first call you make, to our presence on the day of the funeral.

We know that we cannot make your sense of loss better, but we can help to make the planning and organisation of the funeral a little easier.

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Cremation funerals

What you may not know about a cremation funeral

A cremation service does not have to be held at a crematorium

A hearse does not have to be used for transport

Family can lead the service themselves if they wish to do so

Our low cost no-fuss cremation service funerals range from £1,295 and £2,177 inclusive

Creating a personal ceremony, fees start from £1,950 plus 3rd party fees and options

Personalised Cremation Funerals

Personalised Cremation Funeral

Personalised Cremation Funeral

From a low key and informal approach, or a sense of ceremony, tradition and personal style. We help you to make informed choices when planning a funeral, advising on how to manage costs and create a meaningful farewell.

Price: from £1,950

Alternative Venue Funeral

A cremation service does not have to held at a crematorium. There are peaceful, beautiful venues surrounded by nature where a service can be held with the coffin present. The unhurried time and sense of privacy helps families to create a personal farewell. It is also possible to hold the Wake at these venues.

Price: from £2,250

Low Cost, No Fuss Funerals

Attended pre-10am Funeral

he Changing Face of Funerals Covid 19

A no-fuss, low cost funeral for when you wish to be at the chapel to say farewell in your own private way. We take advantage of the discounted crematorium rates for a pre 10am service. Typically attended by 1 – 15 people, this simple cremation funeral is ideal for families where Direct Cremation feels too remote.

Price: £2,097 inclusive

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation – also advertised as pure cremation – is an unattended funeral. As a local, independent funeral director you can take comfort in knowing who we are, where your relative will be cared for and the local crematorium we use. You will know the date and time of the cremation (not all direct cremation providers offer this).

Price: £1,295 inclusive

White Rose consistently exceeded my expectations. They took the time to really get to know me and, more importantly, Christine. This enabled them to give me advice that really helped to make the funeral as perfect as I could have hoped.

– Mark


What you may not know about a cremation funeral

A no-fuss burial can be a gathering just at the graveside

Natural burial grounds are an eco conscious and cost conscious alternative to a traditional cemetery

Traditional cemetery fees are determined by the local residency of the person who has died

Burial Funeral Options

Traditional Burial

A burial funeral at a local cemetery. Whether you wish for a quiet farewell at the graveside only, or for a service at a cemetery chapel, church or alternative venue first.

Simple graveside service only: from £1,950
Ceremony plus graveside burial: from £2,250

Natural Burial

Surrounded by nature in a woodland, meadow, nature reserve or field, a natural burial funeral is a gentle and environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional cemetery.

Simple graveside service only: from £1,950
Ceremony plus graveside burial: from £2,250

Contact us 24/7

How we can talk with you

London is a global community, so it is quite rare for families to live closely in neighbourhoods. We can help to organise a funeral however suits you best and often help families who are not all residing in the UK.

  • In person: at our relaxed meeting room in Teddington
  • Zoom: when families live in different locations locally, nationally, globally
  • Phone: in particular with simple funerals, it is easy to organise everything over the phone
  • Home meeting: by arrangement when local and a family member is less able

Our flexibility and how we communicate with you throughout means you are always fully informed throughout each step – please read our reviews.

Feedback from families we have helped

Phyl Warren
Phyl Warren
I am so pleased that I asked WHITE ROSE MODERN FUNERALS to look after my sister's Funeral. From my first 'phone call with Jacqui - to all my subsequent messages with Jacqui, Holly and Nick who all helped me with such kindness, professionalism and pleasantness - I am most grateful. As I am not resident in the UK - WHITE ROSE MODERN FUNERALS went far beyond my expectations to ensure that all vital documentations were obtained and that they were all in order. WHITE ROSE MODERN FUNERALS enable me to give my sister the Funeral she would have appreciated; regarding all aspects of my sister's Funeral WHITE ROSE MODERN FUNERALS - with their wonderful advice - always left the final decision with me. I just want to say thank you to Jacqui, Nick, Holly and the Team at WHITE ROSE MODERN FUNERALS for all their help.
Mark Morris
Mark Morris
Holly, Jacqui and Nick from White Rose Modern Funerals helped make the most difficult time of my life so much easier. My wife, Christine, died in Belgium and from helping to organise the repatriation of her body to the flawless funeral service itself, they were never anything less than professional, efficient and, above all, kind and caring. White Rose consistently exceeded my expectations. They took the time to really get to know me and, more importantly, Christine. This enabled them to give me advice that really helped to make the funeral as perfect as I could have hoped. Along with the incredible Hannah (, Holly, Jacqui and Nick were the best people I never wanted to meet. I cannot express my thanks and gratitude enough.
Hariclea Darclee
Hariclea Darclee
White Rose have a wonderfully kind and understanding team. They listened to my wishes and organised a warm remembrance for my dad, even though we were a very small group of mourners. Everything was done perfectly and the flower service they also work with is really great. I would warmly recommend them to anyone. Thanks again for taking care of me and my dad. He would have appreciated it.
Karen Steinnes
Karen Steinnes
I first learned of White Rose from a neighbour who was delighted with the bespoke service provided by Nick for his partner's Society of Friends funeral service. When my husband died unexpected in January this year, I immediately turned to White Rose. I had some initial ideas, and with Jacqui's guidance I was able to craft a very personal funeral service that felt right for the family. My husband's ashes will be buried abroad and White Rose was very knowledgeable about the documentation required and provided helpful practical advice. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending the team at White Rose.
Miguel Ortiz
Miguel Ortiz
Excellent company. Very sensitive to our needs without being overly fussy. Nice, friendly people, which made a big difference.They were also not afraid to give us a prod to make decisions when we needed to. Overall, a really positive experience at a difficult time.
A sincere, compassionate and completely professional experience from start to finish. From the first contact less than 24 hours after our loss, until the funeral 8 days later, nothing was too much trouble, and responses to any queries or changes were turned around quickly and flexibly. It was our first time ever arranging a funeral and Jacqui, Nick and Holly made us feel supported all the way. Friends and family who attended all commented on how elegant and dignified everything was, and those who were unable to attend in person were able to view a live webcast and video recordings which were all seamlessly arranged by White Rose. We were even told by one attendee who was so impressed by everything that they had contacted White Rose the next day for guidance with making plans for their own service one day. We could not have asked for a better team to support us through such a difficult time, and with so many decisions and choices to be made, knowing they had everything in hand was a huge help. I could not recommend them more highly. Thank you.
Nadia Zaidi
Nadia Zaidi
Personal & genuine service. Very knowledgeable about Green Burials, had all the information to hand. Coordination of all the various elements and parties involved were undertaken very professionally. Emails, WhatsApps & phone calls were always on a timely basis.
Graham Macalister
Graham Macalister
From my first telephone call with Jacqui I felt reassured that I was dealing with sensitive, caring but thoroughly professional people. As Jacqui and Holly took me through the all the arrangements that needed to be made, it was evident that they were very perceptive in recognising the needs of their client and knew how to help. When I was struggling to choose images for the video montage, Jacqui took the pile of photos and said “leave it to us”. The result was amazing, and I still get comfort from watching it. It was easy to keep in touch and no request was too much trouble. Furthermore the response was almost always immediate. At a very sad and upsetting time it was very reassuring to know that everything was in hand and being dealt with in a thoughtful manner. I have no hesitation in recommending White Rose Modern Funerals

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