Cremation Funerals

With a cremation funeral, the body of the person who has died is cremated at a crematorium. You can choose what you would like to happen with their ashes.

The funeral service can be held at a traditional crematorium or at an alternative less funereal venue. By contrast, a direct cremation is unattended.

Cremation funerals

How does a cremation funeral work?

About cremation funerals

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Types of Cremation Funeral

Personalised Cremation Funeral

From a low key and informal approach, or a sense of ceremony, tradition and personal style. We help you to make informed choices when planning a funeral, advising on how to manage costs and create a meaningful farewell.

Price: from £1,950

Personalised Cremation Funeral
Alternative cremation funeral venue at Pembroke Lodge in Richmond Park

Alternative Venue Funeral

A cremation service does not have to held at a crematorium. There are peaceful, beautiful venues surrounded by nature where a service can be held with the coffin present. The unhurried time and sense of privacy helps families to create a personal farewell. It is also possible to hold the Wake at these venues.

Price: from £2,250

Low cost pre-10am Funeral

A no-fuss, low cost funeral for when you wish to be at the chapel to say farewell in your own private way. We take advantage of the discounted crematorium rates for a pre 10am service. Typically attended by 1 – 15 people, this simple cremation funeral is ideal for families where Direct Cremation feels too remote.

Price: £2,097 inclusive

Low cost pre-10am cremation
Direct Cremation funeral

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation – also advertised as Pure Cremation – is an unattended funeral. As a local, independent funeral director you can take comfort in knowing who we are, where your relative will be cared for and the local crematorium we use. You will know the date and time of the cremation (not all direct cremation providers offer this).

Price: £1,295 inclusive

We’re here to help you – call 020 3281 1045

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