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Most people only have to organise a funeral once or twice in their lives. It is hardly surprising that the task can feel unfamiliar and overwhelming.

This is not helped when a funeral director make you feel pressured about what you ‘should’ do – or confines your choices to their set ‘packages’ that may not reflect what you would feel comfortable with.

We are independent funeral directors local to Hammersmith and Fulham with a refreshingly unstuffy approach to funerals.

We start by exploring your preferences, however simple or ceremonial they may be. We make sure that you are confident in your decision making, based on all of the options available to you.

The first step is to call us on 020 3821 1045 – we’re here to help.

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Planning a funeral in Hammersmith and Fulham

A funeral can be:

  • Faith led or non-religious
  • Low-key or ceremonial
  • Unattended – known as direct cremation

There is no right or wrong way to plan a funeral, it is what works for you as a family.

Whether it is a religious or non-religious funeral, we can advise on funeral venues in Hammersmith and Fulham and alternative funeral venues to a crematorium, church or cemetery, within 40 minutes of Hammersmith and Fulham .

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As modern funeral directors, our ethos is to help families by providing choice and flexibility and advise on how to manage costs.

Our fees start from £1,950 (+ 3rd party fees and options) for a personalised cremation or burial funeral.

Low cost simple funeral options are direct cremation £1,295* or Attended Pre 10am service £2,017 * (*inclusive of all fees, basic coffin and transport).

Our main offices are in Twickenham and Teddington, from where we cover SW London & Surrey, so Hammersmith and Fulham is within easy reach.

We are contactable 24/7

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Cremation funerals in Hammersmith and Fulham

What you may not know about a cremation funeral

A cremation service does not have to be held at a crematorium

A hearse does not have to be used for transport

Family can lead the service themselves if they wish to do so

Our low cost no-fuss cremation service funerals range from £1,295 and £2,177 inclusive

Creating a personal ceremony, fees start from £1,950 plus 3rd party fees and options

Personalised Cremation Funerals

Personalised Cremation Funeral

Personalised Cremation Funeral

From a low key and informal approach, or a sense of ceremony, tradition and personal style. We help you to make informed choices when planning a funeral, advising on how to manage costs and create a meaningful farewell.

Price: from £1,950

Alternative Venue Funeral

A cremation service does not have to held at a crematorium. There are peaceful, beautiful venues surrounded by nature where a service can be held with the coffin present. The unhurried time and sense of privacy helps families to create a personal farewell. It is also possible to hold the Wake at these venues.

Price: from £2,250

Low Cost, No Fuss Cremations

Attended pre-10am Funeral

he Changing Face of Funerals Covid 19

A no-fuss, low cost funeral for when you wish to be at the chapel to say farewell in your own private way. We take advantage of the discounted crematorium rates for a pre 10am service. Typically attended by 1 – 15 people, this simple cremation funeral is ideal for families where Direct Cremation feels too remote.

Price: £2,097 inclusive

Direct Cremation

Direct cremation – also advertised as pure cremation – is an unattended funeral. As a local, independent funeral director you can take comfort in knowing who we are, where your relative will be cared for and the local crematorium we use. You will know the date and time of the cremation (not all direct cremation providers offer this).

Price: £1,295 inclusive

White Rose consistently exceeded my expectations. They took the time to really get to know me and, more importantly, Christine. This enabled them to give me advice that really helped to make the funeral as perfect as I could have hoped.

– Mark

BURIAL FUNERALS in Hammersmith and Fulham

What you may not know about a burial funeral

A no-fuss burial can be a gathering just at the graveside

Natural burial grounds are an eco conscious and cost conscious alternative to a traditional cemetery

Traditional cemetery fees are determined by the local residency of the person who has died

Burial Funeral Options

Traditional Burial

A burial funeral at a local cemetery. Whether you wish for a quiet farewell at the graveside only, or for a service at a cemetery chapel, church or alternative venue first.

Simple graveside service only: from £1,950
Ceremony plus graveside burial: from £2,250

Natural Burial

Surrounded by nature in a woodland, meadow, nature reserve or field, a natural burial funeral is a gentle and environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional cemetery.

Simple graveside service only: from £1,950
Ceremony plus graveside burial: from £2,250

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When you need a funeral director in Hammersmith and Fulham

White Rose Modern Funerals is an independent funeral director based near Hammersmith and Fulham. Our main office is in Richmond upon Thames and we work with families across the borough, including in Brook Green, Parsons Green, Shepherd’s Bush and West Kensington.

As we are based nearby, meetings can be held in person at our office or we can visit you at your home. Alternatively, we can meet with you via a Zoom video call – or simply by telephone, whichever you prefer.

Our flexibility and how we communicate with you throughout means you are always fully informed throughout each step.

Find a funeral director in Hammersmith and Fulham

To start your search for a funeral director in Hammersmith and Fulham, there are two options. One is to speak to a truly independent local funeral director that is family-run such as White Rose Modern Funerals. The other is to engage one of the many corporate-owned funeral businesses (which may still carry the name of the long gone founding family).

The benefit of choosing an independent business with local knowledge of your area, including Fulham, Hammersmith, Parsons Green and West Kensington, is that we can help you make informed decisions based on what is available to you.

Whether you are looking to arrange a burial or cremation locally – or are open to exploring alternative funeral venues for an unhurried service, or even a natural burial – we can help.

Call us on 020 3281 1045 for an exploratory chat or to arrange a meeting.

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