Cemetery Burial

Traditional burial funerals can either happen with a church service first, or a service held direct at the graveside. Some cemeteries do have their own chapel, but many have closed indefinitely since the pandemic.

Burial services can be led by either a Minister, Celebrant or can be family led – we can help advise.

At the graveside we can use speakers to play any chosen music. We can also video the service for you if needed.

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Family Led, Minister or Celebrant Led

If you wish for a faith led service we can organise a minister or priest, or you may already know who you wish to use.

Should you prefer a non-religious service, then we have a talented team of celebrants / humanists who can help to write and lead a service for you.

Alternatively, some families prefer to lead the service themselves. We can advise you on how to best do this.

How to personalise a service

  • Personal Voice Recordings can be played during the service
  • We can play any music through a bluetooth speaker
  • Musicians, singers can play/sing at the graveside
  • Order of Service – we elegantly design and print
  • Video – we can video the service, a private link will be sent to you after the service to share with family

If you have an idea, run it by us, we will see how it can be implemented

Informing family and friends

We create an Online Tribute page (view example) to help you inform relatives and friends of the funeral details. This includes directions, Google Maps, any donations information. Tributes and if required an RSVP can also be added

Pricing explained

Our pricing for funerals is fully transparent and flexible – you only pay for those elements that you require. Some fees are essential, others are optional, so the total cost will depend on the choices you make. When we have chatted through with you what you would like, we send a personalised Fee Summary showing the breakdown of costs in accordance with what you choose.

Ballpark figures for Traditional Burial Funeral at a cemetery

  • Simple option: Based on a church service followed by a burial in Richmond borough, with oak veneer / eco wood fibre coffin, hearsette transport, 30 Orders of Service, family pallbearers
    ballpark £2,843 + grave & cemetery fees
  • Ceremonial option: Based on a church service followed by a burial in Richmond borough, with oak veneer / eco wood fibre coffin, hearse transport, liousine, 30 Orders of Service, pallbearers
    ballpark £3,700 + grave & cemetery fees

The Essentials

These items are typically required for every funeral

White Rose Modern Funerals fee* Simple graveside service only: from £1,950

Ceremony plus graveside burial: from £2,250

Transporting the coffin (there is no charge if using our Galaxy hearsette): Traditional hearse £300 / Alternative hearse from £450

Coffin: London oak veneer / Eco Wood Fibre £345 / Simple Willow £495 / alternative choice of natural, solid wood, cardboard £250 – £950

4 pallbearers @ £70 each for church and cemetery (not needed if family pallbearers): £280

Temporary wooden gravemarker with name place: £95

Church fee for service and graveside burial: £228


These items depend on the choices you make

Minister or Celebrant if not being held in a church (or the service can be family led, we can advise): £200 – £275

Family transport (limousine carries 6 people and will wait to end of service to either go on to the wake venue or return to the family home): Limousines from £300 / Executive hire car POA (locally from £50)

Hearse procession to leave from family home: £100

Order of Service design and print (priced per copy, minimum 20 copies): from £60

Video slideshow of photos (approx 30 photos set to chosen music track to be used as a reflection piece if church has facilities to show): £95

Live webcast of the service (dependent upon church and what facilities or Wi-Fi they have available): £60

Flowers – we recommend Leonoor, Rose & Mary (you order through and pay her direct): Hand tied bouquets from £85, sprays £135 – £295

Additional Fees

These are additional fees that may be incurred

Dressing your family member in chosen outfit (dressing is a personal choice and not obligatory – a dignified soft coffin sheet is also used): £75

Private family time in Chapel of Rest (covers private church hire for an hour and transporting the coffin): £250

Embalming (if required): £155

Out of hours collection for homes and care homes (4pm – 8am, weekends and bank holidays): £250

Out of area collection (typically hospital outside of London, elsewhere in UK): £1.50 per mile

Cemetery Fees

Cemetery fees are subjective to each borough, but are usually classed as Resident or Non-Resident. The resident fees are cheaper (up to 50%) and are usually based on the residency of the person who has died. Proof of residency is required by the cemetery. We can advise once we know all the details.

Important: When purchasing a burial plot at a traditional cemetery, the council will charge both grave purchase and interment fees. If you are opening an existing grave you have already purchased, just the interment fee applies. We can advise.

Burial Fees (sometimes called Interment Fee – based on cemeteries local to TW/KT postcodes at resident’s rate – these fees are payable directly to the cemetery): Typically £1,520 – £1,950

Purchase Fees (sometimes called Plot Fee – based on cemeteries local to TW/KT postcodes at resident’s rate – these fees are payable directly to the cemetery): From £2,290

* Our fee includes: Arranging the funeral and legal forms, collection and looking after your relative at our private facilities, online tribute page to help inform family and friends of the funeral details, hand-holding you through the process taking care of all the details, personal access to a team member including outside of office hours, our attendance on the day.

Payment terms: we appreciate how much you have to sort at this time, our terms are within 21 days of the funeral date, with payment by bank transfer.

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