Personalised Cremation

Our personalised approach to a cremation funeral ceremony, helps you to work out the most fitting way to say farewell.

You may already have ideas, or may not know where to start.

We listen, and ask the questions to help you think things through. You may wish to keep things simple and low key, or create a bespoke ceremony to reflect the character and style of a life lived.

We look after all aspects of the funeral, helping to add the personal touches and can be as light touch or as involved as you need us to be. We advise on how to manage costs.

Celebrant leading personalised funeral service

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Where the service will be held

A cremation funeral can be held at the crematorium chapel, a church followed by the crematorium, or if you would prefer a less funereal setting, see our alternative cremation venue option.

Mortlake Crematorium chapel
Bagpiper leading funeral procession with classic hearse

Informal / low key or a sense of ceremony and tradition

When planning a cremation funeral ceremony, we advise to first think about the ‘feel’ of the funeral.

Would you like to keep things more low key, with the focus just being on the ceremony? Or, would you like a sense of occasion and arrival?

There is no right or wrong way – it is what works for you, we adapt to what is needed.

Informal / low key

We use our Galaxy hearsette (coffin is not visible from the outside) and we pre-place the coffin into the chapel before family are invited to enter.

This means the focus is on the service time only, a simple style that helps to minimise costs.

Sense of ceremony or tradition

We use either a traditional hearse or alternative style of hearse for transporting the coffin (view hearse options) to add a sense of arrival and occasion.

A procession can begin at the family home or everyone can gather at the crematorium. The coffin may be carried in by pallbearers – either family / friends or we can organise pallbearers.

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Who will Officiate the service?

A cremation funeral service can be officiated by a faith minister, celebrant or the family.

  • Minister / religious – for a faith led service you may already have a minister you know to lead the service, or we can organise a minister for you. We work across all faiths.
  • Celebrant / humanist – for a non-religious service we work with a talented team of celebrants / humanists. Typically when we meet with a family and talk things through, we get a feeling for who we would recommend.
  • Family-led – or would you like to lead the service yourselves? This can work well if the family dynamics are such that you can work together and organise within a timeframe. We can advise.

Personalising a funeral

As we chat with you we can explore ways to personalise the funeral ceremony. As a measure we always say, imagine what would make your loved one smile.

For example, a gentleman who had died who loved to grow tomatoes and to be in his greenhouse with a mug of coffee and jammy dodger biscuits – instead of flowers, the family covered his wicker coffin with vines of tomatoes and jammy dodgers! They all then stood around his coffin as each family member shared a memory. Despite the sadness, the room was full of laughter.

Practical and creative ways we can help:

  • Video slideshow of up to 30 photos – a visual way to quietly reflect during a service, we create this as a video file set to a chosen track of music
  • Order of Service – we design and print elegant Orders of Service
  • Flowers – our recommended florist creates beautiful, environmentally aware arrangements from simple hand-tied to stunning sprays (view examples)
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How else we can help you

Planning a funeral may feel overwhelming. How we communicate with you, and help you to communicate the funeral details to family and friends, helps to make a difficult time a little easier.

  • Informing family and friends – we create an online tribute page that has all the relevant information for the funeral and Wake. Includes directions, google maps, live webcast details plus any charity donation details. There are also options to add an RSVP or leave a tribute.
  • Easy access to us any time– you will always know who you are talking to and have easy access to us should you need to chat outside of office time. We hand-hold you throughout and are there to support you on the day of the funeral – this gives you continuity and reassurance.
  • Here to listen and help – meetings can take place at our relaxing meeting room in Teddington / Twickenham, we also work with many families remotely by Zoom, WhatsApp or phone.

Alternative venue – GreenAcres Chiltern and Clandon Wood, a different funeral experience

A crematorium funeral does not have to take place at a crematorium. The Woodland Hall at GreenAcres Chiltern and the Pavilion at Clandon Wood (both natural burial grounds) are also available to hire for a cremation service. The actual cremation happens separately after the service, family do not follow there.

We also use Pembroke Lodge and Linden House as alternative venues. The Wakes are typically held at these venues too.

Pricing explained

Essential funeral fees are a coffin, transport and venue, whilst other costs are optional. The fee summary we send will show an itemized breakdown of costs in accordance with what you choose.

Ballpark figures for Personalised Cremation Funeral at crematorium only

  • Simple: hearsette, oak veneer / eco wood fibre coffin, celebrant, 30 x Order of Service
    ballpark £3,430
  • Ceremonial: a traditional hearse, celebrant, willow coffin, 50 x Order of Service, Video slideshow
    ballpark £3,900

The Essentials

These items are typically required for every funeral

White Rose Modern Funerals fee*: £1,950

Crematorium Fees (for single service): Typically £645 – £670

Doctor’s certificate for cremation: £82

Transporting the coffin (there is no charge if using our Galaxy hearsette): Traditional hearse £300 / Alternative hearse from £450

Coffin: London oak veneer / Eco Wood Fibre £345 / Simple Willow £495 / alternative choice of natural, solid wood, cardboard £300 – £850


These items depend on the choices you make

Minister or Celebrant (or the service can be family led, we can advise): £225 – £275

Family transport (limousine carries 6 people and will wait to end of service to either go on to the wake venue or return to the family home): Limousines from £300 / Executive hire car POA (locally from £50)

Hearse procession to leave from family home: £100

Order of Service design and print (priced per copy, minimum 20 copies): from £60

Video slideshow of photos (approx 30 photos set to chosen music track to be used as a reflection piece): £95

Live webcast of the service: £60

Pallbearers (if coffin not being pre-placed): £40 each, minimum 4 needed (£70 each if a church service before crematorium)

Flowers – we recommend Leonoor, Rose & Mary (you order through and pay her direct): Hand tied bouquets from £85, sprays £135 – £295

Additional Fees

These are additional fees that may be incurred

Additional fee if service is to be held in a church before the crematorium: £300

Dressing your family member in chosen outfit (dressing is a personal choice and not obligatory – a dignified soft coffin sheet is also used): £75

Private family time in Chapel of Rest (covers private church hire for an hour and transporting the coffin): £250

Pacemaker removal (if required): £95

Embalming (if required): £155

Out of hours collection for homes and care homes (3pm – 8am, weekends and bank holidays): £225

Out of area collection (typically hospital outside of London, elsewhere in UK): £1.50 per mile

* Our fee includes: Arranging the funeral and legal forms, collection and looking after your relative at our private facilities, online tribute page to help inform family and friends of the funeral details, hand-holding you through the process taking care of all the details, personal access to a team member including outside of office hours, our attendance on the day.

Payment terms: we appreciate how much you have to sort at this time, our terms are within 21 days of the funeral date, with payment by bank transfer.