Natural Burials

A natural burial funeral is a gentle and environmentally friendly alternative to a traditional cemetery. Most natural burial grounds also have areas for the interment of ashes (ashes burials).

You may have a desire to minimise the environmental impact of a funeral – where the body is returned back to nature, helping to create a sustainable habitat for local wildlife.

Or perhaps you wish for a tranquil, unhurried funeral in the scenic and peaceful surroundings of a natural woodland, meadow or nature reserve. A place where you can visit time and again to quietly reflect.

A natural burial is not specific to any faith or following.

Does this answer your needs? If not, see

Arranging a natural burial funeral

We can help you to find a peaceful and environmentally friendly resting-place.

Easily accessible from SW London and Surrey are the tranquil nature reserve at Clandon Wood Natural Burial Ground, Oakfield Wood at Shamley Green and the glorious mature woodland at GreenAcres Chiltern. There are a number of other grounds to explore – see natural burial grounds.

We can advise on how to create a natural, meaningful service. And we ensure that all aspects of the burial meet with the relevant ecological requirements of the chosen site. This includes using a biodegradable coffin or shroud.

The funeral ceremony

GreenAcres Chiltern has a beautiful Woodland Hall and Clandon Wood has a pavilion sitting in its meadow where a service can be held first. Or you may prefer a simple graveside service. If the funeral is to be faith led, you may choose to have the service in a church first.

The service can be led by a Minister, Celebrant – or family led, we can help advise. We work as a team with who is leading the service to ensure the service is how you would like it to be.

We can set up an Online tribute page that helps you to inform family and friends of the funeral details including location and google maps- and can also include RSVP, tributes and donation details.

We’re here to help you – call 020 3281 1045

Keeping it green

  • Eco-friendly coffins: we have a range of coffins made from sustainably sourced, biodegradable materials such as English Willow, bamboo, seagrass or cardboard with degradable linings (no MDF or plastic fittings).
  • Transportation: our smart hearsette is a low key vehicle that works well in such natural settings. You can also see alternative funeral vehicles.
  • Flowers: we recommend our florist who is able to ensure 100% biodegradable materials for funeral flowers upon request.
  • Planting: each burial ground will have specific rules about planting and what is allowed
  • No embalming: embalming is an invasive procedure and is not permitted for bodies to be buried at natural burial grounds, to avoid toxic chemicals leaching into the air and soil.

Pricing explained

Our pricing for funerals is fully transparent and flexible – you only pay for those elements that you require. Some fees are essential, others are optional, so the total cost will depend on the choices you make. When we have chatted through with you what you would like, we send a personalised Fee Summary showing the breakdown of costs in accordance with what you choose.

Ballpark figures for a Natural Burial

  • The lowest cost natural burial: based on Oakfield Wood at Shamley Green, family-led graveside service, with cardboard coffin, family pallbearers, hearsette transport, including plot purchase and interment fees
    Ballpark from £3,440
  • Natural burial with use of Ceremonial Hall: based on Clandon Wood Natural Burial Ground, celebrant-led service, with wicker coffin, professional pallbearers, hearsette transport, including plot purchase and interment fees
    Ballpark from £6,630

The Essentials

These items are typically required for every funeral

White Rose Modern Funerals fee*: Simple graveside service only: from £1,950
Ceremony plus graveside burial: from £2,250

Burial Fees (sometimes called Interment Fee – based on natural burial grounds local to SW London – these fees are payable directly to the natural burial ground): Typically £295 – £795

Purchase Fees (sometimes called Plot Fee – based on natural burial grounds local to SW London – these fees are payable directly to the natural burial ground): Typically £945 – £5,995

Transporting the coffin (our Galaxy hearsette is provided at no extra cost as a relaxed form of transport is more suitable for a natural burial ground): No charge / Alternative hearse from £450

Coffin Choice of natural eco-friendly coffins – willow, plain wood, bamboo, wool, cardboard and more: £250 – £795

4 pallbearers @ £60 each (based on graveside service only – not needed if family pallbearers): £240


These items depend on the choices you make

Minister or Celebrant for up to an hour service (or the service can be family led, we can advise): £325

Church fee for service in church followed by natural burial (includes minister, organist and verger fee – to be confirmed as varies between churches): From £228

Additional fee for 4 pallbearers if separate service before burial (not needed if family pallbearers – subject to church being safe enough to carry – steps require professional help): £80

Family transport (limousine carries 6 people and will wait to end of service to travel to the wake or return to the family home): Limousines from £300 / Executive hire car POA (locally from £50)

Order of Service design and print (priced per copy, minimum 20 copies): from £60

Video slideshow of photos (approx 30 photos set to chosen music track to be used as a reflection piece): £95

Flowers – we recommend Leonoor, Rose & Mary (you order through and pay her direct): Hand tied bouquets from £85, sprays £135 – £295

Additional Fees

These are additional fees that may be incurred

Dressing your family member in chosen outfit (dressing is a personal choice and not obligatory – a dignified soft coffin sheet is also used): £75

Private family time in Chapel of Rest (we hire time in a church, also includes transportation): £250

Out of hours collection for homes and care homes (4pm – 8am, weekends and bank holidays): £250

Out of area collection (typically hospital outside of London, elsewhere in UK): £1.50 per mile

* Our fee includes: Arranging the funeral and legal forms, collection and looking after your relative at our private facilities, online tribute page to help inform family and friends of the funeral details, hand-holding you through the process taking care of all the details, personal access to a team member including outside of office hours, our attendance on the day.

Payment terms: we appreciate how much you have to sort at this time, our terms are within 21 days of the funeral date, with payment by bank transfer.

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