How funerals can cost less

White Rose Blog Article

Recently the ITV Tonight programme ‘Funerals: The True Cost’ highlighted the vulnerable position families may face when planning a funeral. The cost of funerals has risen substantially over the last decade – enough to trigger an investigation by the Competition and Markets Authority. Of particular interest has been the corporate influence within the funeral sector.

But the cost of funerals is far from the only issue. It’s the lack of choice and flexibility that families are faced with that inspired us to launch White Rose Modern Funerals two years ago. The typical approach has seen families presented with rigid packages that assume you want a hearse, procession and traditional coffin – the choice being how many limousines to order.

The reality is you have more options. Tradition has its place, we help plan many traditional style funerals. But we have also seen a growing trend for a simpler no-fuss approach, where the family can gather to say farewell in a less formal way.

For example, you don’t have to have a hearse for transport and pallbearers carrying the coffin. We often use our hearsette and pre-place the coffin in the chapel before the family enter. Flowers do not have to be large coffin sprays, a bespoke bouquet looks beautiful and can be enjoyed at home afterwards. Coffins can be as simple as cardboard or as natural as bamboo – it’s a personal choice. Should you not wish to drive yourself to the funeral, executive cars can be hired from a local taxi firm. We see many thoughtful family-led services, where families run the service themselves. Or if you need a guiding hand a celebrant or minister can create a service for you.

Families we help are often pleasantly surprised to find that a meaningful, elegant funeral can be achieved at a far lower cost than expected. As independent funeral directors, our starting point is always what will be right for the family.

If you are faced with planning a funeral, do call the White Rose Modern Funerals team on 020 3281 1045 and let us help to guide you.