What is an End of Life Doula?

White Rose Blog Article

For anyone approaching the end of their life, it is vital that they feel able to stay in control of the situation as far as possible, have the knowledge to make informed decisions and have the right support around them to feel comforted.

Friends and family can provide incredible love and support, but often there’s a need for someone who is not connected with the family. Someone who has the unique experience to help guide them and who they can freely confide in.

An End of Life Doula is someone who provides the structure and ability to approach death holistically, helping support choices at end of life, and comforting the fear associated with death and impermanence.

They can offer a calm presence to those approaching end of life, alleviating anxiety and offering a sense of solace.

So we asked Kingston-based End of Life Doula, Sabrina Singh, to explain more about how she helps those facing the end stage of their life.

As an End of Life Doula, I seek to help those reaching their end of life, and their loved ones to find light and meaning during this delicate time.

There are many aspects of end of life that I provide expert help and guidance with.

Advance Care Planning
I support you in building and implementing a care plan that is rooted in your unique needs and wishes, and in doing so better equipping families to complete the affairs of their loved ones after death.

Non Medical Support
I act as a guide helping you make sense of your situation, discussing options , interviewing home health agencies, home care and hospice agencies. I can help you determine where you / your loved one want to go when the time comes (if not at home).

Legacy Planning
I facilitate life reviews and create remembrances which help to restore a sense of optimism, improve a person’s well being and satisfaction with how they have lived their lives

Support at End of Life
I offer practical and personal help at home, lifting some of the burden of responsibility that lies on the shoulders of primary caregivers. Above all else, I will be a calm and loving presence who will walk alongside you on your journey.

White Rose Modern Funerals are delighted to be able to recommend Sabrina as someone who can make the biggest difference at the most challenging of times. Please contact Sabrina on 07771 608 593 or email her if you need support for you or your loved one at end of life, or with any questions about how an end of life doula can help.