Creating a photo memory board

White Rose Blog Article

Some funeral venues have TV screens which allow you to show a slideshow of photos on the screens.

At other venues, this facility may not be available – or you may prefer to have photos shown in printed form.

This is when a printed board with a single photo or collage of photos can be created. These can include words – or simply photos.

Typically the boards will rest on an easel and can be used for the funeral service itself and / or the reception afterwards to help personalise the space.

What size board should you order?

Here are some typical dimensions with a size guide:


  • 30cm x 42cm
  • Table top size – equivalent to A3 size
  • Prop up on a bar or on a mini easel
  • Can also be displayed at the back of a hearse


  • 59cm x 84cm
  • Equivalent to A1 size
  • This is our recommended size for photo collage boards – you may wish to have two boards on display


  • 84cm x 119cm
  • Equivalent to A0 size
  • For larger spaces, but may be tricky to transport

How much do photo boards costs?

If ordering through White Rose Modern Funerals, we can design and print the boards for a funeral that we are arranging. We also have two easels for displaying the boards.

A price guide would be as follows*:

  • Small: £50
  • Medium: £75
  • Large: £120

* please check for current pricing when ordering