Celebration of Life

To plan a Celebration of Life gives you the space and time to reflect.

With our gentle guidance, we help you to think about how to personalise your goodbye so that it truly connects with the life lived by your loved one.

Celebration of Life can take place the same day of the cremation or burial, or at any other time of your choosing.

Celebration of Life

For when a traditional funeral service typically spoken within 30 minutes does not feel a representative way to say farewell

  • Planning a Celebration of Life, the sadness of grief may be balanced by positive memories and gratitude
  • You have the opportunity to reflect on the joy that your loved one brought, rather than letting the death itself be the final memory
  • Family and friends can actively get involved, becoming part of the occasion
  • Sharing anecdotes, reciting poetry, performing songs, slideshows and videos – there are no rules or limitations to what you may want
  • Whether there are desired wishes to meet, or you are planning from a blank sheet, we are here to help you create a heartwarming, memorable occasion.

What’s included in our Celebration of Life service?

  • Our help with the planning and organisation of a personalised Celebration of Life
  • Ideas and sourcing of optional services and suppliers – you can see ideas below.
  • Optional extras will be any additional services you choose, which we can help to arrange
  • Optional extras provided by a third party supplier, you would pay the supplier direct.

Fee: £500 + any optional extras

Options & choices

A Celebrant… works with you to share and tell the story of your loved one’s life. We work with local recommended celebrants we can recommend, to suit the style of service you want.

Florists… We can recommend wonderful florists that we have worked closely with that can create personal floral tributes as well as the traditional funeral wreaths.

Venue… In South West London, Richmond upon Thames and Kingston upon Thames, we know of many independent venues, large and small.  We are lucky to live in an area that has so many beautiful locations and venues willing to please. We can provide a list of suitable recommendations dependant upon your location and size of occasion.

Catering… We have worked with some wonderful local caterers, once we know your location, we can make a recommendation.

Creative-funeral-goods… We can recommend the perfect local independent supplier for remembrance balloons, memory table and decorating, favours and keepsakes, memory cards and gifts.

Slideshows… When you have a number of photos you wold like making into a beautiful slideshow, we can do this for you.

Videos from photos… An alternative to a slideshow is when we can make a storytelling video from your photo collection, a really special way to captivate the room, without you having to say too much yourself.

Photo Books… A lovely personal way to commemorate your loved one, we can help you to create a beautiful photo book that you may want to give to particular family members or friends as a keepsake

Storytelling… When you have a wonderful story to tell, but are stuck on how to put the story together, we can meet with you to help gather and structure your thoughts and plan how to tell your loved one’s unique story.

Stationery… From simple invitation cards, to a one page order of service to a booklet, there are many simple creative ways we can help you to plan and enjoy personalised stationery

Online announcements with RSVP… As part of our Personalised Cremation package, an online announcement page is included.  You can also order this separately with our Simple Cremation. We can also set up an online RSVP so you can easily manage invitations with reply notifications arriving in your inbox, and a spreadsheet with your guest list before the event.

Live Streaming… When you have family and friends in different locations around the world – or UK, we can help you live stream the service.