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How to plan a meaningful, low cost funeral

A funeral is a cost not many people want to think about planning for, and often happens at a time when families may not be expecting. This can lead to many stresses at a time you don’t need them.

Our guidance to families is that to spend cautiously does not mean a funeral is any less meaningful.

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Options for a Low Cost funeral in London

At White Rose Modern Funerals we provide three main options for arranging a budget friendly funeral:

  • Direct Cremation – unattended, no service funeral (£1,295 inclusive)
  • Low Cost Pre-10am Cremation – an early morning family led funeral service, where crematorium prices are also cheaper (approx £1,997 inclusive)
  • Personalised Cremation Funeral – cremation funeral service adapted to either informal or a sense of ceremony (from approx £2,400 inclusive)

To look at choices for a low cost funeral is a wise move. It should not be the case that the only affordable low cost funeral is one where you cannot attend!

That’s why we provide a choice of low cost funerals that will meet each need, whether no service required, you would like to be there in the chapel in your own private way, or would like the flexibility of a service that is simple, meaningful and elegant.

Here is an overview of these three options with links to further details.

Direct Cremation – £1,295 inclusive

Direct Cremation

This is a No Service funeral whereby the coffin is taken straight through the crematorium chapel, no family or friends are present.

We will inform you of the date, the service will always be around 8.30am, so you can reflect at home in your own way.

Families typically choose this when they don’t wish for any funeral service, and are maybe planning a later memorial.

If this option feels too remote, then our No Fuss Attended Funeral may suit you better (see below)

Low Cost Pre-10am Cremation (approx £1,997 inclusive)

Low cost pre-10am Cremation

This is a service we have designed for families where they wish to keep things no-fuss, but would like to be able to be at the chapel to say farewell to their family member in their own private way.

This is offered at either Mortlake, Kingston or Putney Vale crematorium only, for logistical reasons and that they all offer a discounted rate for their 9am and 9.30am services.

Simple transport, coffin and pre-placement of the coffin

Transport is our Galaxy hearsette and we provide a simple handleless cardboard coffin. Should you not like the cardboard coffin and wish to choose an alternative, this is an additional cost (there is no transferable value for the cardboard coffin)see choices.

The coffin is pre-placed in the chapel ready for when family enter. The service is family led – no minister or celebrant and can be attended by between 1 – 20 mourners.

Music can be played and we can advise on how to create a simple farewell, we are there to support and can open and close the service for you if needed.

Families typically choose this when Direct Cremation feels too remote, and they feel they want to be at the chapel but without any formality.

If you feel more of a service would be more fitting, look at our Personalised Cremation Funeral (see below)

Personalised Cremation (from £2,400 to £3,700 inclusive, dependent upon options)

Personalised Cremation Funeral

This is for when families would like more flexibility re timing and style of funeral. To help gather your thoughts, we advise you to think if you would prefer ‘Informal’ or ‘A sense of ceremony’.


  • Informal transport – is where we use our Galaxy hearsette (coffin is not visible from the outside)
  • Informal entrance – we pre-place the coffin into the chapel before family are invited to enter
  • Informal service – family led with no minister or celebrant

A sense of ceremony

  • Formal transport – is where we use a traditional hearse for transport, if desired there can be a processional route from the family home
  • Formal entrance – the coffin is carried in by pallbearers – can be family or we can organise pallbearers
  • Formal service – led by a minister or celebrant to write and lead the service

Or, if you wish to write your own service but for a celebrant to read the service for you, we have wonderful lady we recommend.
Our approach is to be flexible to what you feel is right, there is no right or wrong way.

We have a number of elegant options and choices so you can either keep things really simple or personalise with the touches you feel are important.

Our pricing is transparent so you are only paying for what you choose.

Live webcasting is available at most crematoriums. We can also discreetly video the funeral separately if you wish for something to keep longer term.

If you feel you need a service that offers more time, privacy and exclusivity then check our Alternative Venue Funerals.

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